Hiking Jim reviews the new MSR Reactor 1.0 L:

Highly recommended. 

Great write up and some photo comparisons with the older, bigger modell. The new MSR Reactor packs smaller, is lighter, a spout, and a bit less efficient (3.5 min boiling times vs 3.0 min).

I for one am looking forward to getting one. I love the original Reactor (it’s a beast and well designed) but the 1.7L capacity was overkill for solo excursions, weight and size wise. This smaller unit makes it a somwhat more sensible choice for the solo backpacker. 

There is now also available the Reactor Coffee Press and Reactor Hanging Kit

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Hiking Jim, Adventures in Stoving:

In addition, the new four ounce class canister is lighter for the amount of gas it contains.  The old canisters weighed 8.6oz/244g.  The new canisters weigh 7.4oz/211g — for basically the same amount of gas.

Lighter, better packability and a cool new feature: a fuel gauge, that will help determine how much gas is left in the canister – you throw it into water and see how much of it submerges. 

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The Rannoch ‘Bear Grylls’ incident

March 15, 2013

Tracksterman: I have a policy I call ‘clothing discipline.’ I never breach it. I have two sets of clothes, the one I’m wearing and the clean, dry set in the rucsac. It doesn’t matter how wet, cold and stinking the ‘active’ set is, that’s the one that goes on and stays on whenever I leave […]

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Winner of The Ultimate Hang

May 2, 2012

Entry number 2 wins a copy of The Ultimate Hang. Congrats LauraH. Please contact me with your shipping address and I’ll make sure the book finds the way to you! See here for the original post.

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