Wild Country Tents by Terra Nova

by Christian

I have mentioned before that I enjoyed the Terra Nova’s Laser Competition tent on my trip to Scotland last year. Terra Nova builds ridiculously light tents and have been awarded the Guinness world of records for the lightest tent for the las couple of years.


I’ve come to enjoy the Laser Comps weather worthiness, fast and easy pitch and a big porch. All for about 1Kg in a fairly small pack size, too. Although condensation can be a problem like with most tents, an easy fix for better ventilation is described here by XXX. I have been using that hack myself and it really does the trick. On the other hand, if the wind is blowing and you want to keep the chills out, you can seal the Laser Comp up easily. I am not too fond of having a steady breeze through the tent–except in the middle of summer.


For the same reasons I had been looking at the Terra Nova Laser 2 to use for the trips I do with my partner. It’s got two doors, a nifty ventilation system and is still quite light at about 1.25Kg. But it’s also fairly expensive at GBP 380.

Enter Wild Country Tents

Wild Country tents is the affordable brand by Terra Nova, if you will. The designs are Terra Nova’s, but the materials are not the latest and lightest. An interesting offer for the price conscious hikers among us.

A new tent in the Wild Country range based on above mentioned Laser series is the Zephyros 1 (also available as the Zephyros 2). The flysheet material is PU and not SI nylon, making the tents a bit heavier than the original Lasers at 1.5Kg for the Zephyros 1 and 1.8Kg for the Zephyros 2.

But, get this, they are currently to be had for a nice discount at Fieldandtrek.com for 90GBP and 120GBP. If the workmanship is as good as with the regular Terra Nova’s (and I assume it is), this should be an interesting option for anyone looking for this type of tents.

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