Garage Sale: Tents and Shelters

by Christian

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I am streamlining my gear closet and that’s why I am parting with part of my kit. I am keeping the Shangri-La 3 and a MSR single skin shelter, because these two fit most of what kind of tours we do (2 persons and a dog on occasion). These are all great shelters/tents, though, and are in mint condition (aka I don’t sell shit).

So, if you are interested in any of the items, just let me know.

Wechsel Tents Intrepid 2 Zero G

  • Kind: 2 person 4 season tunnel tent
  • Weight: ca 3.5 kilo
  • Condition: Light usage on a few trips but in very good condition, except one tiny little spot, where one of the poles rubbed through the sleeve (see photo). It’s easy to fix with a patch of nylon or a drop of Silnet (both of which are included), but I didn’t do it, since it is not critical.
  • Price: €200
  • More information

Additional information:This is a roomy high quality tunnel tent by German manufacturer Wechsel Tents. If you are looking for a 4 season low weight to space ratio shelter, this is an excellent choice.
It provides ample storage and living/cooking space under the porch, which has 3 doors, so you can close/open to whatever side is convenient (wind, weather, views).
It sets up inner/fly together, but you can easily detach the fly to carry it separately or put up a wet fly first. The poles are color coded which makes setting it up a breeze.
But what I really like about this tent, is the huge porch with option to open it up to every side. Also every door (including the ones of the porch) come with mosquito netting, which gives you a huge rain and bug protected area under the porch.

  • Strong 4 season shelter
  • Good ventilation, inner can be sealed (against spin drift, etc.)
  • Roomy porch for gear, cooking with 3 doors with mesh netting

What’s included: original stuff sacks, stakes, poles, repair kit

IMG 8643
IMG 0393

GoLite Shangri-La II (green)

  • Kind: 2 person 4 season tarp shelter
  • Weight: ca 0.6 kilo
  • Condition: excellent condition
  • Price: €100
  • More information

Additional information:If you are looking for a spacious lightweight shelter, this is one you should check out. It’s the 2009 model (so it’s still the slightly more durable flysheet material then what was used in subsequent years) and in excellent condition.
It does not have a floor or mosquito netting, though you can order that if you want (widely available at online retailers). I’ll provide two strong lightweight tarp poles, which you can use instead of hiking poles.

What’s included: original stuff sacks, stakes, tarp poles

IMG 0389


Marmot Grid 2P

  • Kind: 2 person 4 season geodesic mountain tent
  • Weight: 2.7 kilos
  • Condition: excellent condition
  • Price: €225
  • More information

Additional information:The Marmot Grid 2P is a unique 4 season bomber tent. It sports a true geodesic freestanding design plus a spacious vestibule for gear storage or cooking in inclement weather conditions. It pitches inner/fly together, so it’s useful in a wide range of conditions. What I like most about it is the solid inner (no mesh, but still 4 venting options) and the front door which can be opened in any configuration with it’s many zips.
The Marmot Grid 2p is light for it’s strength and I am selling it in top notch condition (only used on two nights).

Even the stakes bag + repair kit is unopened as I was using stakes from another tent!

What’s included: original stuff sacks, stakes, guy line, repair kit

IMG 0388



Wild Country Zephyros 2

Additional information:The Wild Country Zephyros 2 is a copy of Terra Nova’s Laser series. In fact, Wild Country tents is Terra Nova’s more affordable range of tents for beginners. The tent sports the proven design of the Laser Competition but doesn’t use the latest advanced ultralight materials to achieve a lower price. It’s still a very solid tent, which has the proven design of the Laser Comp at a fraction of the cost. If you are looking for a light weather worthy 1-2 person tent, this is it. I am not sure, if you want to put 2 people in it, though. For me and my girl friend it’s ok, since she is small, but for a night or two, this is possible.

What’s included: original stuff sacks, stakes, guy line

Wild Country Zephyros 2

General Information: All items are in very good condition, just lightly used (unless noted otherwise). I will ship to most EU countries, but we’ll have to agree on the shipping costs first.

  • Martin

    You can buy the Wild Country Zephyros 2 brand new from terra-nova for £150 and its been down to £120 at Field and trek and on Amazon – have you done something to add value in the time you have had it????? 

    • Anonymous

      That’s funny. This post has been up for a couple of months already and obviously prices have dropped since then. You can have it for €125, if you’re interested.

  • Mike

     Hey Christian, if it’s not already gone can you email about the GoLite Shangri-La II ? ta

  • Jennifer Robinson

    Hi, I was looking to buy the Marmot Grid 2P tent. Is it still for sale? And, would you be willing to send to the US?
    Thanks, Jen

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