Tramuntana High Route

by Christian

I stumbled upon a terrific route report about a superb high mountain traverse of the mallorcan mountains far north of the island. Check out the pictures and read the text, quite humorous, too.

Most people would not expect such beautiful rough and wild mountain areas on spain’s party island.

We’ve been there too, and I can only recommend it as perfect winter walking area. It’s fairly easy and cheap to get to and the weather can still be nice and warm during the winter months. But you must be prepared for rough weather up high – it is alpine territory.

We had beautiful weather half our trip but also experienced high winds, whiteouts and sudden chilling temperature drops. It’s also where and when I decided that not all ultralight equipment is best for mountain conditions and I somewhat changed parts of my gear selection to reflect that (I’ll be covering this in a later post).

But this was one hell of a walk and I hope to go there soon again.
The three seemed to do this walk without a tent or shelter, and made do with just bivvy bags – like true english gentleman appear to do so often. Color me impressed.

This got my mind spinning. Do I have the means (time and finances) to squeeze in a short 3–4 day hike this year still? Perhaps using a bivvy bag would make it possible to just have a carry-on bag since there are no tent poles or stakes to check. And the bag would be light..

I’ll have to think about it but it sure would be a great way to end this season!

A couple of pictures of the area:

Serra de Tramuntana





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