Emergency Bivy

by Christian

When you’re out walking in somewhat remote or exposed areas, it’s always a good idea to bring an emergency bivy sack. I always pack a small emergency bivy, which weighs less than 100g and costs about €20. That alone should justify the purchase and space in the pack.

Why bring one? For emergencies, to wait out bad weather, a storm, or if you injured yourself, to wait for help to arrive.

Exped has a somewhat more sophisticated version of an emergency sack called the Bivybag Uno UL. It’s a bit bigger than the aforementioned product, but it’s also a more versatile product. It is made from ultralight ripstop nylon, has a hood and two-way zipper (so you can secure yourself to a rope, when climbing) and can also do double duty as vapor barrier liner if the conditions require it.

As with all emergency equipment, you’ll only need it when you need it, but a small light bivy sack should always be in your pack–especially if you are hill walking or on remote walks.

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