Petzl Nao and new e+LITE announced

by Christian

Petzl has a couple of new lamps in the lineup and the new Petzl Nao looks really interesting. It is self-adjusting with the help of an included light sensor. This way the lamp adjusts its output to match the prevalent conditions. So it will use just a couple of Lumens if your inside your shelter or looking at a map, but will give it full power if you're standing on the ridge of a mountain in the middle of the night. 

Myself, I'm happy with the Petzl Tikka Plus as it has pretty much all I need (red light, low-high beam, uses AAA batteries), but if you're into mountain biking and such at night, the power of the Petzl Nao might come handy.

Have a look at PTC's video and see how fast the light sensor adjusts the output. 

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