The Rannoch ‘Bear Grylls’ incident

by Christian


I have a policy I call ‘clothing discipline.’ I never breach it. I have two sets of clothes, the one I’m wearing and the clean, dry set in the rucsac. It doesn’t matter how wet, cold and stinking the ‘active’ set is, that’s the one that goes on and stays on whenever I leave the tent or bothy. The dry kit doesn’t go on until I’m in a dry environment. If the weather isn’t conducive to having a wash first, I clean myself up using alcohol gel and baby wipes. If I need to go outside and the weather’s particularly bad, I’ll change back into the skanky kit, or even go nude with just Croc shoes and a shell jacket. Not very pleasant, but the dry kit needs to be kept dry at all costs.

Interesting observations about the death of an apparently experienced and well equipped guy found dead in a bothy in the Cairngorms in December 2011.

Really enjoy reading his blog.

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